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New Features in Elements+ v.9 (2016)

Edit Adjustment Layer

Modify settings of "Curves", "Color Balance", and other "undocumented" adjustment layers.
Available in SE 11+


The new version of the script makes PSE keyboard shortcuts truly customizable.
Now you can define hot keys for each individual command or tool.
Available in PSE 13+
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Customize the PSE menus appearance.
Available in PSE 13+
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Linked Smart Objects

Among other things, this new kind of a smart object lets you re-edit RAW photos in ACR dialog.
Available in PSE 13+
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Script Events Manager

This powerful automation tool sets scripts to start when certain PSE events occur. For example, you may use it to automate some routine tasks on creating a new document or on selecting a tool.
Available in PSE 9+
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Hidden Prefs

The revised "Hidden Prefs" script offers quite a few new options:
- Save document in background (PSE 13+)
- Auto-recover images after PSE crash (PSE 13+)
- "Bicubic Automatic" interpolation algorithm (PSE 13+)
- and some more...

Pen Tools

Pen and other advanced tools let you draw vector shapes with the Bézier curves.
Available in PSE 10-14
Unavailable in PSE 15
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Updated 10-Oct-2016